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Fashion, Food and best brands in Selfridges

Selfridges in Birmingham - distance Arfin ©

Futuristic Selfridges in Birmingham. Distance Arfin ©

Selfridges is some last-stop shop for fashion buyers. A small department store chain and fill in the UK, that's what you could get if you crossed fashionista style with the kind of buyer sooner Harvey Nichols Encyclopedia Harrods property. In addition, all Selfridges stores in the architecturally notable buildings.

What to buy in department stores Selfridges

Selfridges emphasizes the luxury and design, exotic food and a variety of brands in its stores in the UK. In it the latest UK and international fashion designers will stand beside names in the fashion established.

But the clothes are just the beginning. This is the kind of business which is a day trip in itself, with the fashion for men, women and children, jewelry, toys, household goods, beauty salons and nail bars, designer furniture, home and lifestyle products, technologies and equipment ,

540,000 square-foot flagship store on Oxford Street is one of the largest stores in the world where you can buy some potatoes books, you will find an exhibition of avant-garde art or invest in the first diamond embedded Bluetooth headset world.

All this and Food Halls are dying. With everything from the elegant French delivery and spicy Thai dishes Indians, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, beef, sandwiches, even in New York canned (corned beef call it here). And of course, if you prefer to cook yourself, you can buy all the ingredients that you need in a Selfridges Food Hall - fish, meat, poultry, pasta, game, fruits and vegetables, spices, you name it.

Too surprising Services

Selfridges has all the amenities that you would expect in a large high-Shop: Personal Shopper, change, beauty salon - actually several salons for men and women, as well as a nail salon and spa skin. But a quick whip through the list in alphabetical order of in-store services shows:
  • Bicycle repair
  • Piercings and Tattoos
  • Restoration
  • Walk-in Back Rub
  • Lighting
  • Made to measure, Jeans


You forgot to change money? No problem, all Selfridges boxes in stores now accept:
  • US dollar
  • Swiss Franc
  • Euro
  • Japanese Yen

Where there find Selfridges

This lower much effort. It is therefore only four branches. But no Selfridges worth a visit - even if all you can afford to do is take a look around. Found by applies to these links:

Let the Americans ...

... That's with this mixture also over-the-top winners. Selfridges was founded in 1909 by Wisconsin native, Harry Gordon Selfridge - formed Marshall Field in Chicago. For years, is part of Sears Holdings, another US company, Selfridges currently. By the Canadian Weston family, which also includes Holt Renfrew stores and Brown Thomas in Ireland belongs

Miss Selfridge, a spin-off of the store, with branches in every respect, we are no longer in the same company.

Selfridges - Favorite suffragettes

H. Gordon Selfridge founded his business as the women's suffrage movement was at its peak and the center line brought the ladies of the middle class, in the western suburbs of London. Buying a respectable leisure activity for women was new. Selfridge support independent women because he knew that the end would be their best customers.

It may seem strange today, but the women's fashion and feminine dressing was considered important, these suffragettes who Pankhursts, participation in Selfridges. H. Gordon Selfridge was an important supporter of the movement. He even refused to complain when a women's rights activist broke one of the glass plate 25 of the shop - then the largest in the world.

For easier and more convenient for women to shop, Selfridge opened the first coffee shops and restaurants and was the first business, public bathroom Women. Everything was developed, a day of shopping in the city something like a respectable lady would make haste Suburban.

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