Tuesday, July 14, 2015

16 easy day trips London

University of Oxford, England, is the oldest university in the English speaking world, from the graduates of the 11th century by the University of Oxford in England have made outstanding contributions in all forms of human activity.

Walk the streets and you are following in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winners, kings, presidents and prime ministers. The university has produced saints, scientists, researchers, artists, writers and actors.

And students and the gilded youth of the United Kingdom, where they are, can also wonderful bars and good shopping here.

Another treat is the Oxford Ashmolean Museum recently reopened its art and archeology. In 1683 as the first public museum in Britain, dusty old galleries and dark reborn founded with a large program of renewal of several million pounds. The museum reopened in 2009 with 39 new galleries and a 100% increase in exhibition space.

Among the treasures that can be seen in the Ashmolean, is drawings by Michelangelo, Raphael and Rembrandt; a Stradivarius violin; Chinese antique porcelain and glass east; Coins with the heads of Nero and Henry VIII and more. The museum is part of the University of Oxford and is free of charge.

Overall, Oxford is a great and easy day in London.

Instructions: (All prices in September 2013)
  • By train: Trains depart expressed Oxford Paddington Station are frequent, takes about an hour and costs about 23 € (try two tickets to one lane in good time to buy savings of around € 6). If you do not catch the express train, is a classic ride for about an hour and 45 minutes. ,
  • By car: Oxford 62 miles north west of London on the M4, M25, M40 and A. It takes about an hour and a half drive. Parking is difficult, but the city is surrounded by Park & Ride parking with cheap bus services into the city center.
  • Oxford Bus meters is a very popular way to Oxford by bus. The company operates buses every ten minutes, 24 hours a day, with pick ups of several attacks in London and Oxford. The fare is £ 14 is a return or 17lb and there are various travel deals and rates for students, seniors and children.

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