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16 easy day trips London

University of Oxford, England, is the oldest university in the English speaking world, from the graduates of the 11th century by the University of Oxford in England have made outstanding contributions in all forms of human activity.

Walk the streets and you are following in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winners, kings, presidents and prime ministers. The university has produced saints, scientists, researchers, artists, writers and actors.

And students and the gilded youth of the United Kingdom, where they are, can also wonderful bars and good shopping here.

Another treat is the Oxford Ashmolean Museum recently reopened its art and archeology. In 1683 as the first public museum in Britain, dusty old galleries and dark reborn founded with a large program of renewal of several million pounds. The museum reopened in 2009 with 39 new galleries and a 100% increase in exhibition space.

Among the treasures that can be seen in the Ashmolean, is drawings by Michelangelo, Raphael and Rembrandt; a Stradivarius violin; Chinese antique porcelain and glass east; Coins with the heads of Nero and Henry VIII and more. The museum is part of the University of Oxford and is free of charge.

Overall, Oxford is a great and easy day in London.

Instructions: (All prices in September 2013)
  • By train: Trains depart expressed Oxford Paddington Station are frequent, takes about an hour and costs about 23 € (try two tickets to one lane in good time to buy savings of around € 6). If you do not catch the express train, is a classic ride for about an hour and 45 minutes. ,
  • By car: Oxford 62 miles north west of London on the M4, M25, M40 and A. It takes about an hour and a half drive. Parking is difficult, but the city is surrounded by Park & Ride parking with cheap bus services into the city center.
  • Oxford Bus meters is a very popular way to Oxford by bus. The company operates buses every ten minutes, 24 hours a day, with pick ups of several attacks in London and Oxford. The fare is £ 14 is a return or 17lb and there are various travel deals and rates for students, seniors and children.

Take a guided hike Oxford

Visit one of the best pubs in Oxford

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Fashion, Food and best brands in Selfridges

Selfridges in Birmingham - distance Arfin ©

Futuristic Selfridges in Birmingham. Distance Arfin ©

Selfridges is some last-stop shop for fashion buyers. A small department store chain and fill in the UK, that's what you could get if you crossed fashionista style with the kind of buyer sooner Harvey Nichols Encyclopedia Harrods property. In addition, all Selfridges stores in the architecturally notable buildings.

What to buy in department stores Selfridges

Selfridges emphasizes the luxury and design, exotic food and a variety of brands in its stores in the UK. In it the latest UK and international fashion designers will stand beside names in the fashion established.

But the clothes are just the beginning. This is the kind of business which is a day trip in itself, with the fashion for men, women and children, jewelry, toys, household goods, beauty salons and nail bars, designer furniture, home and lifestyle products, technologies and equipment ,

540,000 square-foot flagship store on Oxford Street is one of the largest stores in the world where you can buy some potatoes books, you will find an exhibition of avant-garde art or invest in the first diamond embedded Bluetooth headset world.

All this and Food Halls are dying. With everything from the elegant French delivery and spicy Thai dishes Indians, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, beef, sandwiches, even in New York canned (corned beef call it here). And of course, if you prefer to cook yourself, you can buy all the ingredients that you need in a Selfridges Food Hall - fish, meat, poultry, pasta, game, fruits and vegetables, spices, you name it.

Too surprising Services

Selfridges has all the amenities that you would expect in a large high-Shop: Personal Shopper, change, beauty salon - actually several salons for men and women, as well as a nail salon and spa skin. But a quick whip through the list in alphabetical order of in-store services shows:
  • Bicycle repair
  • Piercings and Tattoos
  • Restoration
  • Walk-in Back Rub
  • Lighting
  • Made to measure, Jeans


You forgot to change money? No problem, all Selfridges boxes in stores now accept:
  • US dollar
  • Swiss Franc
  • Euro
  • Japanese Yen

Where there find Selfridges

This lower much effort. It is therefore only four branches. But no Selfridges worth a visit - even if all you can afford to do is take a look around. Found by applies to these links:

Let the Americans ...

... That's with this mixture also over-the-top winners. Selfridges was founded in 1909 by Wisconsin native, Harry Gordon Selfridge - formed Marshall Field in Chicago. For years, is part of Sears Holdings, another US company, Selfridges currently. By the Canadian Weston family, which also includes Holt Renfrew stores and Brown Thomas in Ireland belongs

Miss Selfridge, a spin-off of the store, with branches in every respect, we are no longer in the same company.

Selfridges - Favorite suffragettes

H. Gordon Selfridge founded his business as the women's suffrage movement was at its peak and the center line brought the ladies of the middle class, in the western suburbs of London. Buying a respectable leisure activity for women was new. Selfridge support independent women because he knew that the end would be their best customers.

It may seem strange today, but the women's fashion and feminine dressing was considered important, these suffragettes who Pankhursts, participation in Selfridges. H. Gordon Selfridge was an important supporter of the movement. He even refused to complain when a women's rights activist broke one of the glass plate 25 of the shop - then the largest in the world.

For easier and more convenient for women to shop, Selfridge opened the first coffee shops and restaurants and was the first business, public bathroom Women. Everything was developed, a day of shopping in the city something like a respectable lady would make haste Suburban.

What train? What hour? How much?

London Bridge Underground Station - Alan Copson / Photodisc / Getty Images

Alan Copson / Photodisc / Getty Images

National Rail Enquiries information - a source of timetables and fares for all:

National Rail Enquiries, the UK guide rail. When British Rail company was divided into many private, in 1980, found the service station, train stations, timetables, prices and connections, it was a nightmare. Before the service of the National Rail inquiries line when some information in advance - or wanted to know which station to put in place - I had to call and a long wait on hold or hours occupancy signals.

Luckily for the Internet.

National Rail Enquiries fasts official online source of information for the railway service, timetables in the UK, dates and more.

Using the information from the UK National timetables and fares:

The page is a page to functional research. In the upper left, you will find the trip. This is a really useful tool. Just put the "A" and "From" information, the date and time you want, whether you want a simple (one-way) or Return (return) trip and if you are willing to change or want to travel Direct (it is not always possible).

Search Select and after a few seconds, the screen displays a selection of travel options stop service.

What should I do?:

Select the closest distance when you want to fly and click on all the details. More details about the trip to appear, including the names of all the stations.

If you are planning a trip, or if you do not buy a BritRail Pass and a ticket, that's all.

If you want to buy or reserve a ticket, click rates. You can search by looking for the cheapest or fastest ticket limit. The system comes with more options and explanations, whose prices you can present yourself for the ride of your chosen application.

There is reliable information on National Rail Enquiries?:

As usuall. But if you are traveling on a British holiday, trains run to a different calendar, and is a good idea on a manned station, a day or two before to check your trip. Usually there are short lines at the box office advance.

In general, the information that the service status and updates, exactly.

The website also provides information about disabled access at stations, the rules for luggage and animals, information for families and all kinds of things that you never knew what you wanted to know about the British railway travel.

Can I buy a ticket on the website of National Rail Enquiries:

No, this is something that. Still in the hands of the individual tracks

Once you have selected your travel and check the price, select "buy a ticket" and a drop down menu with live links to all railway companies they appear. Make sure you note the details of your trip and the selected price because once you click on the link for a railway undertaking, disappear.

Well, here's the good news - one of the railway operators that sell a ticket for a trip, this trip operation or not. So if you have the website of National Rail Enquiries used all the hard work is done.

You may need a visa to travel to Britain

I ask: Do I need a visa for the UK?

I am planning a trip to England. I need a visa in my passport to enter the United Kingdom? How do I know if I need and where demand if I?


If you are a citizen of the United States, Canada or Australia, or live legally in these countries, should not enter into a tourist visa to the UK. Granted for a stay of up to six months, as a rule at the entrance, if you show your passport, provided them with the immigration officer that the purpose of your visit respond UK Immigration Rules. There is no charge for visas issued at the entrance.

Here are some other points to consider about Visa:

  • The same rules apply for citizens of most, but not all, South America and the Caribbean and Japan.
  • Members of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland do not require visas need to visit or live and work in the UK.
  • The rules are to work for students of degree courses and people arriving in the UK (outside the EEA).

If your plans include more than just a party, it's a good idea to check online questionnaire British government practice I need a visa for the UK. And when you need it, you may ask, and usually pay for a visa online Visa4UK

Wimbledon Dos and Don & # 039; ts

Do not bring Munchies

Food and drinks are available in a number of different restaurants. But it can be expensive.

You can bring your own picnic or small amount of food and a bottle of wine per person or two cans of beer. But do not expect to consume alcoholic beverages or something more substantial than sandwiches in the stands. To properly picnic meals, not the picnic terrace with tables and chairs, if you're lucky to move place for a picnic on the grass, if you are not there.

eBags was isolated and similar discrete containers that summer bags and are just right for the job.

How to get tickets for Wimbledon in the last minute

As a visitor, it is always frustrating to not be able to get last minute tickets for concerts, sporting events and shows, what you just discovered when you have arrived. Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament on grass Grand Slam of the World is an exception. There are tickets available every day at Wimbledon. All you need is patience.


Time required: From a few hours at night

Here's how:

  1. Anyone willing to queue to buy tickets on the day of the games. The atmosphere is in the queue friendly and visitors take the opportunity to meet and talk with other tennis fans.

    Every day except the last four days are reserved for sale to the public at the turnstiles 500 tickets for each center and courts No.1 and No.2. They cost between £ 27 and £ 72, depending on the day and court.

    Other consumption patterns 6,000 tickets sold every day. They are good for the yard and Rule 2 are unrestricted in the corner and 3-19 places. Tickets cost between £ 5 and £ 18, depending on the time and day.

  2. Tickets are sold on a first come, first served, cash only basis at the turnstiles. In 2008, the process was slightly modified and the double tail has been replaced by a single queue at the door 3, Wimbledon Park, Parking 10th Park, personalities trailers (including supporters personalities night) progress through Wimbledon Park Golf Club, with security checks on a bridge and gate. 3
  1. The lines are long. If you have a ticket for reasons several hours before the open country come at 10:30 clock If you show one of the entrances to the court, like fishing camp plan. People queuing to bring garden furniture, picnics and refreshments. Plan to bring rain gear - the snake along the lines, rain or shine.
  2. When you go online, you will find a map queues dated and numbered, received to show their place in the queue. The winery is checked when you enter the park.
  3. Bracelets also be set by the court, with a score of removable garden, if you arrive early enough to make a 1500 court submissions. If you give the credit union, you will get a ticket for the goods specified in the Countdown court received. Do not worry if you do not receive a bracelet and counting - you can still be able to get one of the tickets for entry Foreign 6000.
  4. Camping in accordance Wimbledon in the past, if you wanted to get tickets a night sleeping in the queue for Wimbledon had to take their chances and your tent or near the tail.

    In 2008, the process was simple. Personalities support us now in Wimbledon Park Camp, near parking lot 10, where the tail begins. At about 06:00 Stewards you wake up, I ask you to dismantle your camping gear, move to park your car and do nearby in a tight formation to accommodate the glue in the day to tie. At 7:30. 1500 Commissioners specific reuse the head of the queue criminal bracelets.

  5. Toilets not worry, facilities, Church Road and Wimbledon Park Road are open 24 hours a day.
  6. However, people with mobility problems disabled Mobility nearby gardens await in the case are still in control board queue reservation number is. Make a butler for help and guidance to the nearest end of the tail.
  7. The best way to Wimbledon by public transport. The trains leave Waterloo Station Wimbledon every 4 minutes there is a regular service district in the London Underground to the station. A frequent shuttle trips to the All England Lawn Tennis Club in the city. There is also a bus service Marble Arch in central London every 30 minutes.

    Whatever you do, do not try to drive in Wimbledon. Transport during the tournament is not possible, and you will not find anywhere to park.

Lunch in France Your UK tour? Drive only ...

Boarding Euro Tunnel Transport Rental - courtesy of Euro Tunnel

Boarding Transport Car Euro tunnel like driving a large garage. Euro Tunnel Courtesy

General Information:

A faster - and cheaper - ways to cross the English Channel via the Channel Tunnel. If you Euro tunnel through the channel for a short vacation or a leg of a tour of European tourism, all take on board the shuttle and ready to use, 35 minutes later you are in another country.

I'm not a big fan of the tunnels, so I would be careful with the Channel Tunnel. But once to jump in the car transport light compartment with room and take a stretch, my partner had not even realized he had a tunnel.

Wallace the Westie, he slept all the way.

Key Facts:

  • Where: The tunnel between Folkestone in Kent to Coquelles, just outside Calais. It has its own highway exit, the register directly at both ends.
    • France, take exit 42 of the A16
    • UK exit 11A of the M20.
  • Book online on the website of Euro Tunnel or by phone:
    • UK - 44 0443 35 35 35
    • France - 33 (0) 810 63 03 04
    • outside Europe - 33 (0) 321 00 20 61
  • Opening times: on windows can be booked up to four outputs per hour (round trip) 2 hours during the day.
  • Prices: Single tickets start at £ 49 and return flights on the same day or short break as low as 23 € per car (see special offers). Moto travel at half price.


Arrival least half an hour before departure (not more than two hours) to allow time for the arrival, enter the fairway and go through security checks and the British and French borders. In addition to passport and visa (if required) for all passengers, also you need registration documents and proof of insurance for your car.

What if I see on the wrong side of the road?

No Chance. Yes, they drive on the right and left France, the United Kingdom, but the skillful engineers who designed and built this wonder of the world thought of everything - even how stupid some of us could be driving.

Above and below the Channel Tunnel, roads are designed to guide you through the right path. In the time that has passed through the customs control and the British and French passport and ready to leave the private road to Euro tunnel sites that is used on the right side of the road for the country where you are.

Can I go without a reservation?

You might be able to pay on board the next available transport in Pounds, Euros or credit card. But it is more expensive to book in advance and does not guarantee a place. During the peak hours of the day or early European school holidays, you could end up waiting a while aboard a ferry.

But you can still be spontaneous. Euro Tunnel shuttle through can be booked at least one day in advance as a rule.

The transmission is too much for cyclists:

Each Euro Tunnel shuttle can carry six cyclists. Bicycles are transported on a trailer on the road and cyclists in particular minibus. Book a bike transition, call sales support, weekdays 9: 00-17: 30 in 44 biking trails (0) 1303 282 201 must be booked 48 hours in advance. To learn more about cycles in Le Shuttle.

Cycles in a roof rack - Some cars in the shuttle bus two floors and some are single. If you can bring your bike on the roof of a car that makes the car more than 1.85 meters tall (about 5.15 meters), tell the agent when booking your trip so that you can assign appropriate transport.

The Euro Tunnel Experience:

I'm not the biggest traveler when it comes to long tunnels. I remember a long journey, white hinge on a bus for the Monte Blanc Tunnel on the way to a ski trip I do not want to repeat. So I planned my first trip through the Channel Tunnel with a little fear.

I was at the Euro Star, the high-speed train travels through the tunnel, without any problems, but I thought it was different. Finally, I would have gone on the subway and trains in the tunnel before.

Ultimately, proved to be the easiest, fastest and most convenient to cross the canal. The mission was a breeze. We arrived early for our train and arrived early departure. Drive transmission, Auto Transporter Euro tunnel was like driving into a garage.

The interior was painted a sunny yellow and the lights stayed for the whole trip. So bright, in fact, chatted with joy and my dog was snoring in the back seat, it took about five minutes to walk through the French countryside before we realized that the windows of cars was out of the dark tunnel leaving blue sky.


The tunnel is the most convenient and human way to travel over the canal with a pet. Your pet stays with you all the way. When commuting to and from the UK with a dog or a cat, but the animal must be tested free of rabies, microchipped and for UK Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), which takes a little advance planning registered.

Enough to make cheap travel

Euro Tunnel is to promote a price to hikers and short trips - and it only takes 35 minutes. When you rent a holiday home in Kent, through jump on cheap wine and cheap beer, cigarettes refuel if you smoke, the best cheese and food to store your cupboards. Touring in southern England? Pop through the canal for lunch, a visit to the Normandy countryside and a change of scenery. And if you come from France, there is much to do in the tunnel terminal near Folkestone to do.

Insider Tip

I think that shopping and eating on the premises of the Euro tunnel equal to the duty to the airport - pretty standard. And once you have entered the Euro Tunnel site, you really can not leave without repeating the entire border security. So take your time to Calais first visit. See the statue of Rodin's Burghers of Calais and learn its heroic story, the mall hypermarket Calais for wine and good business, then take a final day of French country and head to the tunnel at Coquelles.