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Can I spend euros in the UK?

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Question: Can I use my Euro remains in the UK?

I'll be traveling between the UK and Europe. Do I need my money ever happened in Europe in the UK to change, and I can spend my Euro in the UK?

Answer: The answer is neither, and - surprisingly - yes.

First the not: The official currency in the UK is the pound sterling. Shops and service providers who do not usually take Sterling. If you use a credit card, regardless of the currency in which you pay your bills, the card with the pound and a credit card final bill will be charged to reflect the change in currency and bank levies cool their stations currency.

And now, yes: Some of the larger stores in the UK, especially those who are attractions in themselves, have a couple of euros and other currencies (dollar, yen).

Selfridges (all branches) and Harrods both take their normal euro cash. Marks and Spencer accept no foreign currency in the cash register, but, like other shops popular with visitors, currency exchange - where you can easily exchange money - in most department stores.

Lately, I've also found that the pay-phone booths in London and other popular attractions, have begun to accept and Euro.

If you plan to spend the euro in London or elsewhere in the UK, note that:

  • For cash transactions calculates the exchange rates, the euro may not be the beneficial wear and can be updated.
  • Employees are not really used to take their currencies of transaction and may take longer than you want.
  • These stores are in Euros only usually only take Euro notes - not to have currency.
  • You have to pay for their goods in the currency or other. You can not pay for a portion of the purchase with euros and a part of it with the pound sterling.

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