Thursday, June 25, 2015

Electrical Adapters - to connect ...

Appliances in North America need help to work in the UK and Ireland. But before you rush out and stock up transformers and number of adapters and connectors parties mixtures expensive, the facts. For a short visit, dual voltage appliances may be all you need.

UK vs US power

Power is supplied from the power outlets in the UK about 220 volts supplied (in fact, 220-240). The AC cycle is determined at a rate of 50 Hz.

In North America, the power at 110-120 volts at 60 Hz and changes provided. Except for microwave devices, watches and products with sensitive synchronization mechanisms, most American appliances operate at 50 or 60 Hz. The tension is another matter.

If you equipment for use in North America that connect not only not designed, they may explode. At least, certainly trigger a fireworks very well before the destruction.

The two-voltage solution

You'd be surprised how many devices you expect to take on vacation is dual voltage. Hairdryer, electric shavers, travel irons and steamers all versions now available in two voltage they come off at 220-240 volts when packing. Laptops and other modern electronic equipment is usually made to work on both voltages, and will automatically change. And chargers for camcorders, CD players, mobile phones and other battery-powered devices connected to almost always (with an adapter) took the English, even if the devices are not even.

To be sure, check the rating, usually on the underside of the product or the AC adapter. If "Input: AC100-240V," he says, as the picture above, see use in the UK, you are you will need an adapter if they are to find cheap and easy to travel suppliers ...

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